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Storage and repair conditions for flame-resistant protective garments

Do not leave garments exposed to sunlight. Prolonged exposure of the fabric to sunlight or artificial light can reduce its resistance. Store protective clothing in the dark or cover it with dark fabric. Do not store near sources of contamination. REPAIR Repairs or alterations to protective clothing must be carried out using fire-resistant materials (fabrics, […]

How Can I Properly Dispose of My Fire and Electric Arc Protection Clothing?

The lifespan of protective clothing depends on the type of activity, work environment, frequency of use, and/or proper maintenance and cleaning. Do not use worn, damaged, or contaminated clothing. Clothing exposed to fire or significant heat should be disposed of. Dispose of it in accordance with local regulations. Inquire with FIRE WORK WEAR ® about […]

How to create your flame-resistant protective clothing program?

Creating a flame-resistant clothing program is a critical aspect to ensure the protection of our employees. By following these steps, you can create the ideal program: Identify the Hazard: Conducting a study with a team of experts helps to identify the type of exposure faced by employees. This is the first step in creating an […]